Dance Movie

I’m creating a “one-hour-artistic-dance-movie” and I’m still looking for dancers. So, if you like to dance and want to be in it… Read more below!

If you want to dance in this movie the challenge is simple: Pick a song (or more) from the list, set up your camera and dance! What you do is entirely up to you, everything is allowed and all styles are welcome. Feel free and let the music guide you. We start slow and soon we turn up the speed a bit.
I prefer a green background but dancing in the grass in front of a clear blue sky is ok√© too. Forget the suit, let your body do the work. Place the camera 30cm above the ground and please… ignore it! I need a strong contrast between you and the background. Upload it to youtube and send me the link. That’s it. Have fun! Hope to see your moves soon.

If you have questions, please contact me.

First rough cut…